Nathanael's Current Music Offering

Welcome to my music page. I'm not going to take the time to write a biography right here; I love making music, and this is my chance to share it with you.

This site is mainly for the purpose of sharing music with my friends; frankly, I'm tired of using AIM to send songs across the ocean. Hopefully someone unexpectingly finds something that they like here.

I'll try to keep this site updated, but I can't seem to ever get songs finished and mastered. Maye this will motivate me to develop better habits

July 13, 2009

Waves – Listen

This is still a rough draft. Complete song structure, incomplete instrumentation. The idea for this song came from experimenting with augmented fourths over 2s then resolving to the perfect 4th. The song combines a dark drum driven progression with a layed back arpeggiating chorus (2009)

Missing U – Listen

A recording of Joel Rodd's song Missing You. (2006)

Redemption's Song – Listen

A recording of Redemption's Song by the band Beneath The Branches, Dundee, Ohio. (2013)

Success – Listen

Success, by Joel Rodd. (2004)

Success vocals – Listen

Success, rough recording of vocals. (2004)

NJR Mic'd Piano – Listen

Recording a 1950s-vinage Acrosonic spinet piano. (2004)

Time Stand Still – Listen

A love song. (2008)

Indigo, Raleigh – Listen

Militia Hill's Indigo, Raleigh, tracked August 2. (2011)